Problems and solutions

September 13, 2016

Tenth in Australia has a nice ring to it, and I’ll take that – the time on the other hand I’m pretty annoyed with.

I was 15th overall with a few Japanese and New Zealanders in front.

At 1:7.44 it was an average 3.12 per kilometre.

I’ve gone quicker than that over this distance four times and was hoping to land something in the 66 minute range – but it wasn’t to be.

Blokes I have beaten in the past were a minute down the road and it was a bit of a blow to my confidence and ego.

I guess if you read my blog last week it was probably writing on the wall, I was going in a bit flat and I had excuses coming out my ears when I was halfway through the race and things weren’t going my way.

This isn’t the way to race as the mind can be so hard to deal with.

I’ve made a list of a few problems I’ve got at the moment and hopefully to solutions to go with them they may have influenced the slower time.

Hills: The Brady who has ran 66 minutes for a half marathon always used to run on hills. When your parents live at the bottom of One Tree Hill in Bendigo and you’re home quite a lot, that used to be my playground. Now I’m loving life in Echuca/Moama and rarely get back. A positive that I love where I live; a negative that I don’t have the strength in my legs from running hills.

Solution: The Fitmob treadmill can be used to add hills with an incline. A few of my runs need to be on this to get that strength and I need to get back to Bendigo more to hit up the hills.

Mentally drained: There’s been a bit going on lately and instead of my life revolving around running, it has been something I’ve thrown in the mix that needs to get done.

Solution: Ease back a few other commitments for the next couple of months and focus more deeply on the running until the Berlin Marathon (10 weeks).

Not enough longer training work: In the lead up to the Gold Coast half marathon I didn’t do enough longer training sessions.

I was regularly hitting good long runs of 32km but not quality 15km+ tempo runs close to race pace to get my body accustomed. This explains why I didn’t have strength in the last half of the race. My focus was more 10km specific in the build up to the Launceston 10km four weeks ago and when I ran well there I was disillusioned that I may have been in okay half marathon shape.

Solution: Do more longer training runs. Obviously that’s the plan when the shift turns to the marathon anyway.

Possibly low iron: I have been feeling tired lately and low iron is very common in distance runners.

Solution: Get my bloods tested to ensure everything is all good.

No gym work. Although I’m a sponsored athlete for Fitmob I haven’t made the most of their expertise in the strength and conditioning game.

Solution: I started a gym program on Wednesday and WILL be in there 3 times a week throwing light weights around. The weights will be light because that’s all I can lift, not because that’s some scientifically proven thing or anything.

Train too often by myself: I’m always flogging myself in hard workouts by myself which gives an extra drain physically and mentally.

Solution: Get the triathlete lads on the bike to push me more often and get back to Bendigo to train with some fast guys back there who can push me.

Well that was easy.

Six things I need to slightly adjust.

Give me 10 seconds for each one of those and there’s my minute back.

Who knew I had all those brains.

One positive to come out of a race that you’re not happy with is the motivation, hunger and drive you get to change things up afterwards.

This was the kick in the throat I needed.

Now, go easy on me and don’t ask me to do anything the next 10 weeks.

Unless it’s to run 170km per week that is.

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