All roads eventually lead to Berlin

September 26, 2016

Over the past 10 months I've told plenty of people I’m running the Berlin Marathon – and every single person I've told who has also visited Berlin before has mentioned how good it is as a city.

And boy are they right! 

I'm seriously in love, it's ticking boxes everywhere.

The people are nice, the food is good, they seem to really value exercise and sustainability and their swagger is on point. 

I thought I had a half decent haircut before I arrived here. 

And geez I'm glad I got rid of that beard a couple of weeks back, because the ragged style/not being bothered with any upkeep of it would of been expososed big time here. 

What takes the cake for me the most though is Tiergarten.

Their massive park, with endless trails swirling through it everywhere. You need to be concentrating to make sure you don't get taken out by a bicycle on the busy tracks, but other than that it is beautiful. 

I've meet up with fellow Aussie Josh Harris and for the past two days we've run through it and chatted away.

The start and finish area for the marathon goes straight through the middle of the park and it was great to see them setting it up to make everything feel that little bit more real. 

On Thursday we did some fast stuff and yesterday we just jogged more easily. The two-to-three days beforehand it's important to keep the legs ticking over just a little bit. 

Throughout both runs I didn't want them to end. In today's 11km I wished it was 30km and every time my watched beeped to let me know that we'd just covered another km I was a bit sad.

I could of spent all day jogging and exploring and it really shows although when putting everything on the line in race it's tough, but on the easy days they're super enjoyable and almost spiritual and mediative.

Carley and I have had fun exploring and are now both ready to run.

The Berlin Marathon has been a goal, and a goal hanging over our heads for quite an extended time now.

It's nearly broken us a number of times and taken up many hours of conversations.

There's been times where I've been a chance of not making the start line and other times when Carley has had a niggle and been doubtful – but we survived, somehow.

The journey is often better than the destination and it's something I'll look back on and value for a long time regardless of what happens in a couple of days. 

Our build up has been phenomomenal, dedicated and disciplined over a long period of time.

I choose those words extremely wisely and want to state them again, phenomomenal, dedicated and disciplined for two people who work fulltime andtake part in a number of community initiatives. 

Now we're ready to take on the marathon.

It's what all couples do on a Sunday morning on the other side of the world, isn't it? 

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