Back on track – bit by bit

December 30, 2016

I’M BACK and running half well again. 

In this post I’m just detailing a bit of an update of what’s been going on. 

To be honest I should really be writing school reports – but they can wait. 

Last weekend I had my first race since the Berlin Marathon when I teamed up with Brett Sands and Steve Gray to make the Moama Bowling Club team for the men’s team section of the Challenge Shepparton Triathlon. 

The distance I was to race was a half marathon, 21.1km and I was a bit apprehensive leading into the race as to just what might happen. 

Training had been coming along slowly and I was feeling fitter every week but knowing it was a half marathon and there was quite a lot of time to be out there was a bit worrying. If you struggling in a 5km or 10km it’s okay as it’s over relatively quickly, the half marathon on the other hand can be brutal if you’re unfit. 

My sessions leading in had been ordinary. They started with a 5km tempo at my marathon pace, around 3.20 minutes per kilometre and was I blowing big time when I finished, wondering how I managed to hold that for 42km at Berlin. This then led to a couple of 10km sessions where I held the same pace so I knew I was progressing.

Always a good sign in the distance running world. 

At Shepparton I held 3.17 pace which was a good step in the right direction. The pace felt really comfortable most the way and I was very happy to run a 69.20 on a twisty triathlon course. 

That shows me I’m heading in the right direction and was an ideal marathon pace session. That pace is exactly where it needs to be if I want to have a crack at the qualifier in upcoming races and it’s good to know I’ve got it covered for at least half the distance very early in my build up.

Next up I’ll run the Rochester Fun Run and hopefully a track 10km in Geelong in mid December. 

If everything goes to plan I’ll start building for a marathon at the start of December. The past two weeks have been 160km each, and if I can put in two more of those together I’ll be in a good spot to kick off the longer weeks of 170-200km each week.  

I’m still yet to confirm my next marathon. 

It’s a bit of logistical nightmare really. There are very few fast marathons in Australia, New Zealand or South East Asia. 

There are plenty of marathons but they rarely have the fields like the European or American races. 

I need these fields as I need to sit in a pack and get sucked through to run a quick time. 

I’m more than happy to come 20th and run a PB rather than winning a low key race in a time far from my best. 

It’s hard to run fast alone as you have to push the pace and mentally it can drain you over that distance. 

Hopefully later in my career I’ll chase wins in lower key, less elite races but right now I need to chase times. 

Put that in with trying to find a flat course and flights, accommodation etc it’s quite a nightmare. 

Hopefully I’ll have one locked in shortly. It would be good to know what race I’m actually training for! 

My email inbox has been firing emails to race directors left, right and centre so stay tuned. 

We are getting closer to the warmer weather and it’s a great time to be exercising early in mornings before work, it’s light, warm and that feel good feeling is in the air. 

I often whinge about not having all these things in the depths of winter but now I’m making sure to check myself and be very grateful.

It’s also getting closer to school holidays! 

Where has 2016 gone?

Happy exercising. 

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